Equipment Financing with Peace of Mind

Aztec Financial now offers assumable contracts allowing business owners peace of mind in their financing decisions!

Aztec has provided equipment and vehicle financing for the carpet cleaning and restoration industry since 1996. This experience and specialization allows Aztec to tailor financing contracts to meet the needs of each business owner in this industry and provides the ability to incorporate the changes necessary to adapt and grow as the industry evolves.

Now, customers can take advantage of the low payments available with Aztec contracts, get the tax-benefits of commercial loans(EFAs) and lease contracts, and preserve personal credit with the peace of mind in knowing that the contract can be paid off at any time without any additional interest or penalties!

*Contracts originating after 6/1/2011

Assumable Contracts

Assumable Contracts
Contracts with Aztec are Assumable. That’s right, the financing can be transferred to another applicant.

Typically, equipment finance companies and commercial lenders do not allow customers an option to get out of the contract, regardless of the circumstance. We have many options for customers looking to end a contract!

This is an excellent resale advantage!

Again, customers can take advantage of the benefits of using Aztec with the peace of mind in knowing that the contract can be assumed at any time if the equipment no longer meets the needs of the business!

We have many programs and financing terms to meet the needs of individual business owners. Contact your Account Manager at 800-644-9537 for additional information.

*Contracts originating after 6/1/2011

Challenged Credit

Challenged Credit
Challenged Credit? No Problem!

Aztec Financial knows that life is full of surprises and situations that can negatively affect your credit. Traditional lending sources use this information to decline your application. We understand that no matter what your credit challenges are, you need to keep your business moving forward.

Our industry specific programs allow us to use an “outside the box” approval process to give you the best financing opportunities available. We look at your entire business portfolio to get you approved, often saying “Yes” when others say “No”.
Aztec Financial uses the following information to approve applicants with credit challenges:

  • Business Financials – Showing a steady history of income will strengthen your overall profile.
  • Security Deposit – Putting down a security deposit will help offset the risk factors that come with challenged credit.
  • Cosigners – A qualified cosigner can help overcome credit challenges and get an approval.
  • Collateral – By placing a vehicle or other asset as collateral on your contract, we are able to use this to secure your performance therefore offsetting your credit.

Aztec Financial works very hard to approve EVERY application we receive. We are likely to approve YOUR application, even if you have challenges in the past.

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Avoid Traps
Blanket UCC Liens
‘Blanket’ liens are called such because they cover all of your assets. This can include business assets, personal assets, or both. What does this mean to you? Should anything go wrong or an accident happen, you could have much more to lose than your financed equipment!

Aztec maintains its liens ONLY on the financed equipment and any agreed upon collateral. You know exactly what you have invested in your contract!

Contractual Changes
Recognize that some fine print allows the lender to make changes during the contract if your credit profile changes at all, even if you’ve paid as agreed. This could result in a higher payment, additional fees or a request for payoff in full.

Aztec contracts are short and simple to understand, with NO “fine print” clauses or addendums leaving you at risk to contract changes!

Automatic Renewal
Many commercial contracts automatically renew unless you give written notice of your intent to terminate the contract at the end of its term. This is called an auto-renewal clause, and it can keep you making payments long after the originally agreed upon contract term!

Aztec commercial contracts HAVE NO automatic renewal. Instead, our contracts terminate as scheduled with an option for you to buy the equipment for a predetermined amount or as little as $1!

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New Start-Up Businesses

Business Startup
Starting a new business is always a nerve-wracking event even in the best economy. Aztec Financial is here to tell you that we pride ourselves on being able to provide the best financing options for our customers starting their new businesses.

You may have several things cross your mind when thinking about starting your new business…

We cover all the bases to bring you peace of mind so you have less to worry about in your new venture.

  • Commercial VS. Personal – With Commercial Financing, we do not report to personal credit or lien your personal assets. This protects and frees up your personal credit for any future lending needed, for you or your business without having to worry about any risk to your personal assets.
  • Freeing up cash flow – When you choose to finance you are breaking down your debt into a monthly expense that is easily managed and you can always count on us to have the minimum upfront investment. You are able to keep your regular cash flow to compensate for inevitable and unexpected expenses.
  • Direct lending – Our money is our money. This means we are able to tailor all of our financing programs to fit your needs. You can get into a contract that will leave you feeling comfortable and confident. We can guarantee that you will have an excellent financing experience without having to worry if your contract will ever be sold.
  • Building commercial credit -As your business grows, you will need to be able to show that you have a dependable, reliable and trustworthy business. You will develop that rapport when financing through us.
  • Your business is just a unique as you are. You need a financing company who understands all the aspects of your business and what you have to offer while still being familiar with the industry. With all these things in mind, we are the best partner you can find to help you build and develop your business from the ground up.

    To find out more on how Aztec Financial can help you start or grow your cleaning and restoration company, call us at 800.644.9537 or SEND US A MESSAGE