Equipment insurance

Asset Protection

Have you ever tried to get tornado coverage in Kansas? What about hurricane coverage in Florida? Our Asset Protection program is based off of Aztec’s  Utah office location, meaning you can get coverage for all of these events, when they otherwise would not be available or would cost more.


As an Aztec customer, you have access to our Asset Protection Program. In addition to standard business equipment coverage, our policy covers the following:
Freeze Damage (an Aztec exclusive)


Power Surge

Flood and Water

Accidental Damage

Volcanic Action


Falling Objects

Wind, Hurricane, and Tornado

Acts of Terrorism









Employee Theft*

*There is no coverage for theft by a shareholder, director, owner, or partner


  • Rates are fixed and will not go up during the term of your contract
  • Areas prone to natural disasters will not incur higher rates
  • Past claims have no effect on rates
  • No upfront premium payments required
  • Claims can be resolved in as little as 24 hours
  • New claims will not change the rates on the policy, or other policies you carry (house, car, etc)
  • No deductibles, outside of Theft ($2,500) and Freeze Damage ($1,000)

Filing a Claim

If there is a loss on equipment covered under an Aztec Financial Asset Protection policy, call 800-833-3549 to provide a statement about the loss. Great American Insurance Company will review the claim and settle covered losses through one of the following methods:

– Repair of the covered equipment

– Replacement of the covered equipment

– Payment for the stipulated loss value of the covered equipment at time of loss

 File a Claim



We have worked to create a a program that covers the majority of circumstances and situations, but there are a few things that we cannot cover:

  • Loss of market, business interruption, or any indirect loss
  • Mechanical breakdown and maintenance
  • Earthquake or earth movement
  • Rust, corrosion, marring, or scratching
  • Shortage of equipment which is discovered when taking inventory
  • Abandonment
  • Dishonest or criminal acts (including misappropriation, conversion, and skip) by shareholders, directors, owners, or partners
  • War, government action, nuclear reaction, or radioactive contamination
  • Contaminants or pollutants
Location of Covered Equipment

The insurance company will pay for losses to equipment covered under our policy resulting from coered causes of loss only while the covered equipment is located within the United States of America (including its territories and posessions) and Canada.