Assumable Contracts

All contracts can be fully assumed by a qualified party.

Challenged Credit

We can overcome any past credit problems.

new Start-Up

Let us make your financing easy.


Own the equipment from the start with an Equipment Finance Agreement


All contracts can be fully assumed by a qualified party.

Loan (EFA) or Lease

If you need a loan, or need to apply for a lease, learn which is best for you.

Master Contract

Equipment funds available fast and when you need them.

Popular Programs

Aztec Financial offers a wide range of payment terms designed to meet the cash flow needs of your business. Our most popular programs include:

  • Document Fees Only – You only pay the document fees when taking delivery of your equipment, with regular monthly payments starting in 30 days
  • First and Last – Pay your first and last payment when you take your equipment, with regular payments starting in 30 days.
  • 3 @ $99 or 6 @ $99 – Your first 3 or 6 payments are just $99, then your contract converts to regular full monthly payments.
  • 13 Month Program – Short term financing with minimal financing charges.
  • Mulligan – This program was designed to let you skip 1 payment per year. You choose which payment to skip according to your needs.
  • Seasonal Payments – You choose 3 months per year that you need a lower monthly payment. Perfect for businesses that have a “slow” season. The payments DO NOT need to be consecutive. They can be any 3 months you need them to be!

We can customize any program to your needs! If you don’t see what you need, give us a call and we will create a program that works best for you.