Owning a building service contracting (BSC) enterprise can seem like an overwhelming task. You need to know a little about a lot of different subjects: accounting, law, customer service, and technical aspects of maintenance are just a small part of your skillset. Above all, you usually are the hardest-working member of your team, as the days of the absentee boss are long gone.

One of the trickiest parts of starting or growing a BSC organization is getting the best equipment to stay competitive and provide excellent service. Most of these businesses typically won’t have the capital to pay cash for major purchases, so financing janitorial equipment is often the best and most cost-effective method small-to-medium-sized businesses have available to secure the tools they need and do the job right.

The Decision to Get a Loan Can Seem Challenging

Most experts say that ideally, you want to pay cash for items you purchase. In general, that’s true, but two factors may alter this:

  1. You often won’t have the cash on hand, especially for large-ticket items.
  2. Not leveraging your equity can, in fact, work against growing your profits. 

The hard work you’ve put into your company has helped create equity and using part of it to increase the reach of your business may make excellent sense. This isn’t an iron-clad rule, and you shouldn’t take undue risks, but when a lucrative opportunity opens, missing it can eliminate growth and demoralize the leadership. Plus, thanks to the ever-changing nature of the industry, businesses that aren’t growing are usually shrinking.

Benefits of Janitorial and Sanitation Equipment Financing

 If you aren’t paying cash, you’re probably going to choose between either a loan or leasing. These are both viable options depending on what works best for your company. Leasing can be a great option for a number of reasons including:

  • It can be tax efficient since you get to choose which depreciation approach works best for your business.
  • At the end of the lease, you own the equipment
  • Multiple payment structures are available which gives you more options when selecting down payment, monthly payments, and payment terms.

A loan is another great option. With Aztec Financial, you can quickly get the equipment you need from our major partners and pay a surprisingly low monthly payment. This allows you to rapidly earn back your investment while generating revenue.

Aztec Financial Has Some of the Best Terms in the Industry

There are too many demands on your attention already. Entrepreneurs are almost like the world’s busiest firemen, rushing from putting out one fire to the next. Once you’ve decided to finance janitorial equipment, Aztec Financial simply is the best choice. We’ve helped thousands of BSC owners finance janitorial equipment and work hard to provide a seamless and headache-free experience. Our unique 3-step loan process is simplified and streamlined to get you off the phone and back to keeping your company productive and successful. The process is as easy as one, two, three: Step 1: Request A Quote Step 2: Discuss Options Step 3: Get Financed First, talk with a dedicated account manager about what loans are available. These account managers look at your needs and build an ideal package to fulfill your business plan. Then you can quickly walk through the options to optimize the benefits and reduce your costs. Finally, we work directly with leading janitorial equipment suppliers to get those tools into your hands as fast as possible. But Aztec Financial doesn’t stop there. We want to make sure all loan recipients are successful with as little financial pain as possible. With the One Skipped Payment program, you can avoid making one payment a year when it would be inconvenient – and unused skips roll over or are deducted from your balance! Our Seasonal Savings Program lets you choose any three months in a year to make reduced payments during a slow season. Plus, the payments don’t have to be consecutive; you choose when it meets your needs.
Janitorial and Sanitation Equipment Financing

The Leading Choice Among Business Service Contractors

With over 20 years of experience in the industry, we’ve become the top experts in financing janitorial equipment. Our holistic approach examines each BSC to customize the many available options directly to your company’s needs. Aztec’s philosophy is to provide the fastest and simplest track to growing your business. Aztec Financial started in the industry as a manufacturer of cleaning materials, machines, and accessories, and rapidly became a leading provider. We noticed that many hard-working entrepreneurs wanted to enlarge their businesses but lacked the capital to do so, so we decided to focus on connecting BSC owners with reputable distributors and provide the capital to obtain what they needed to be successful. As the demand for financing equipment has grown, we’ve built the long-lasting relationships necessary for stability in this niche industry. Certified A+ by the Better Business Bureau, our commitment to customer service has never changed. Our familiarity with the needs of a growing BSC positioned us to examine what risks were viable, allowing them to have some of the lowest fees and interest available. Over the years, we’ve built a team of exceptional account managers that develop close relationships with their clients and target precisely what a janitorial service company needs to grow while avoiding financing that would be of less help to their bottom line. Interested in our services? Call today!