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Aztec Fleet Sales

Aztec Financial is your one-stop solution for equipment financing and upfittted commercial fleet vehicles. We are a provider of work vehicles offering fleet pricing, a variety of custom upfit choices, and parternships with specialized industry equipment dealers.

Everything comes together to bring you a complete vehicle package, financed and ready to go.

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Aztec Financial & Fleet Sales

Since 2006, Aztec Financial & Fleet Sales has helped business owners save money on up-fitted vehicles with special fleet pricing. Our fleet specialists help you find the best vehicle option, up-fitting products, and the best financing plan for your business. With a variety of vehicles and options, we have something for everybody. 

Save thousands when you buy cargo vans at fleet discounted prices. Add custom up-fits and wraps to create the perfect van for your business.

The benefits of a custom up-fit, with the cost savings of a pre-built package. Purpose-built with carpet cleaning, restoration, surface prep, plumbing, and more in mind.

The perfect work pickup truck, Aztec offers a wide variety of RAM Trucks and upfits to choose from so you can get to and from job sites with ease.

Knapheide creates tough, functional builds that provide easy access to the tools you need. Available in aluminum and steel, we offer everything from KUVs to service bodies.

Available in a variety of sizes and configurations, these are versatile trucks that are ready for whatever upfits you’d like to include.

Upfitting, Wraps, & Graphics

Customize your vehicle perfectly for your business with our upfit and fleet vehicle wrap options. Whether it’s for a single vehicle or a fleet, we have you covered.

Learn more about our upfit manufacturer and the wide variety of accessories Aztec has to work with.

One of the most popular upfit options, our shelving package makes your fleet vehicle organized and ensures your supplies are easily accessible.

Warranties and Service Agreements

The purchase of a commercial vehicle is a major investment. While most vehicles come with a dealer warranty, it can be beneficial to extend the warranty and expand coverage, particularly for commercial vehicles that are expected to experience additional wear and tear. While most sellers offer a 60,000 mile power train warranty, Aztec Fleet Sales gives you a 5 year/100,000 mile power train warranty on your vehicle. Additional options are available, including bumper-to-bumper coverage. This offering is just one of the many that set Aztec’s fleet sales apart from the competitors.

Fleet Vehicle Financing with Aztec Financial

No matter what type of fleet vehicles you need, Aztec Fleet Sales has the perfect option for your business. With benefits such as flexible financing, customized payment options, and competitive rates, Aztec has you covered with our fleet financing. Contact our experienced representatives and get started today!