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At Aztec, we believe in helping your business grow. We offer a variety of structures designed to suit your business’s needs, while also being tax efficient.


Aztec Financing

Aztec Financial has been in business for over 20 years, bringing experience and longevity to equipment leasing and loans. We began in 1997, when our parent company realized that there was a need for stable financing options in the cleaning and restoration industries. To meet this need and to make it possible for entrepreneurs to purchase specialty equipment, Aztec Financial launched and began assisting startups and growing businesses with their equipment financing needs. This includes selling and financing vans and custom box trucks.

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Career Opportunities

Account Manager

Account Managers at Aztec Financial are responsible for facilitating and growing relationships with a variety of vendors, sales people, and customers. This role focuses heavily on personal interactions and the ability to explain complex information in an easy to understand manner.

Customer Service Representative

As a Customer Care representative on a daily basis you will process applications, validate contracts, set-up billing and payment details, take inbound phone calls from customers, make outbound phone calls as necessary, and overall help to ensure that our customers have the most satisfying experience with our teams as possible.

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