When big holidays roll around, it’s time for chain stores and retail outlets to prepare for a flood of customers looking for the next big deal. This means muddy shoes and slushy sneakers will tread all over carpets across the country. As a carpet cleaning business, this is a great chance to grow your business and expand your equipment offerings. Curious about the different types of carpet cleaning that you can offer this holiday season?  Continue reading to learn about how Aztec Financial can help you utilize and finance industrial carpet cleaning equipment for steaming, shampooing, encapsulation or bonnetting.


Preparing for Holiday Carpet Cleaning

If a business has carpets, they’re eventually going to need cleaning. And when it’s the Holiday Season, most offices and retail stores are going to want their business to look warm and inviting. Freshly cleaned carpets can go a long way to promote excellent shopping experiences, so this is the time many businesses start calling.

Holiday carpet cleaning can be the bread and butter of any major carpet cleaning company. Aztec Financial is ready to provide your business with the funding it needs to get ahead of the rush, by replacing old equipment and finding new options to make your company stand out from the crowd.


 It’s Time for Up-to-Date Industrial Carpet Cleaning Equipment

There are many different types of carpet cleaning equipment. If your business has been relying on older methods or failing machinery, it’s probably time to look at different options. Even though cleaning carpets seem simple and straightforward, there are a plethora of options you and your customers can choose from for service. If you’re ready to update your equipment and services, check out the latest in industrial carpet cleaning equipment.

Dreaming of Steaming

One of the most tried and true methods for removing stains from carpets is through steam cleaning. This uses highly pressurized jets of steam drawn from a water tank to saturate carpet fibers while scrubbers agitate them, drawing out dirt and grime. This water is then vacuumed back into a holding tank to be drained later on.

This time-intensive process is incredibly effective at removing most stains and will leave many carpets looking like new. Simple to operate, these types of machines can be found for consumer use but it takes industrial carpet cleaning equipment to handle the big jobs that a seasonal schedule brings. The main drawback is how long the process takes to dry, which could take a number of hours.

Shampoo, Rinse, Repeat?

Another classic way to extract dirt from carpeting is via shampoo. This method works exactly as it sounds, but has a number of disadvantages that have made it less popular today. After applying and rinsing away the cleaning agent, carpets are usually left to dry overnight. An issue that commonly arises is the inability to remove all of the cleaners. This leads to long drying times and can even leave the carpet sticky, allowing foreign particles to take root soon after washing.

Encapsulation Stations

One of the big failings of shampooing and steam-cleaning carpets comes from drying times. So much water makes it tough for evaporation to occur quickly, which is why encapsulation is a popular alternative. Using foam-dispensing equipment, a professional coats the carpet so the foam can “encapsulate” or wrap around dirt particles. After the initial coat, the area is left to dry.

Foam is gaining in popularity because it uses less water than traditional means, as the foam dries quickly and is simply vacuumed up, taking stains and dirt along for the ride. While this also leaves much less cleaning residue than shampoo, it isn’t as effective when dealing with heavily trafficked areas or deep-seated grime.

Putting The Bonnet On It

Bonnetting is a popular method that some businesses use to take care of footpaths that receive a lot of wear. This method uses bulky equipment with padding on the underneath. Saturated with chemicals, an operator pushes the machine across the floor to dragging the pad against the carpet.

This contact allows the chemicals and limited scrubbing to remove surface dirt quickly and with little drying time. A company can go back to business-as-usual quickly with carpets that look freshly cleaned. Unfortunately, bonnetting doesn’t have any effect on anything below surface-level grime, meaning those carpets will get dirty faster (and smell worse) than one that was treated via other methods.

Why Wait?

Since the largest issue that faces industrial carpet cleaning equipment is their use of water, it makes sense that an alternative would start replacing such moist methods. Like its clothing counterparts, carpet dry cleaning uses chemicals to remove dirt instead of steam or solvents. 

This equipment utilizes counter-rotating scrubbers that apply cleaners directly to carpet fibers. These compounds are usually biodegradable and don’t require any drying time, making carpets ready for foot traffic as soon as work is complete. In addition, these machines can often be used while offices and retail chains are still in use since cleaning won’t interfere with their normal operations.



Financing Your Industrial Carpet Cleaning Equipment

Whether you’re looking to replace aging hardware or upgrade to newer truck mounted carpet cleaning equipment, Aztec Financial has the financing you’ll need to get on the job fast. Helping commercial carpet cleaners for over 20 years, they work with you to create a financing plan that works with your business.

  • Low start payments will help get your business up and running
  • Economical upfront costs mean paying only document fees upon receiving equipment
  • Seasonal payments let you choose your most profitable months for payment
  • Payment skips let you miss a month when needed, or even have an early payoff
  • Flexible financing tailored to your business

Aztec Financial is dedicated to helping you get the most from your carpet cleaning business. Submit an online application or call 800-644-9537 today for help getting your business ready before the holiday rush takes you to the cleaners!