flex loan(efa) or Lease

Growing your business is full of challenges… financing that growth doesn’t have to be one of them! Aztec Financial offers both Loans(EFA) and Leases for your convenience. Both have a variety of benefits and are customizable to your specific tax and professional needs.

Which one is best for you?

We have outlined below many benefits for both our Loans(EFA) and Leases to make your decision both informed and simple!

Aztec Loans(Equipment Finance Agreement)

  • Assumable by qualified applicant
  • Section 179 benefits or accelerated depreciation
  • Shows as a loan/debt on your balance sheet
  • No balloon payment at the end of your contract
Aztec Lease (10% purchase option)

  • Assumable by qualified applicant
  • Payments may be tax deductible as a monthly rental expense
  • Does not show as a loan/debt on your balance sheet
  • Lower monthly payments

At Aztec, we look for every reason and excuse to finance your equipment and commercial vehicle purchase to better your business and move you to success.

Popular options available on Loans(EFAs) OR Leases

  • Document Fees Only – You only pay the document fees when taking delivery of your equipment, with regular monthly payments starting in 30 days.
  • First and Last – Pay your first and last payment when you take your equipment, with regular payments starting in 30 days.
  • 3 @ $99 or 6 @ $99 – Your first 3 or 6 payments are just $99, then your contract converts to regular full monthly payments.
  • 13 Month Program – Short term financing with minimal financing charges.
  • Mulligan – This program was designed to let you skip 1 payment per year. You choose which payment to skip according to your needs.
  • Seasonal Payments – You choose 3 months per year that you need a lower monthly payment. Perfect for businesses that have a “slow” season. The payments DO NOT need to be consecutive. They can be any 3 months you need them to be!
  • We can customize any program to your needs! If you don’t see what you need, give us a call and we will create a program that works best for you.

To find out how Aztec Financial can help you start or grow your cleaning and restoration company, please call 800-644-9537 or SEND US A MESSAGE

Aztec Financial

Equipment Finance Agreement (EFA/Loan)

Does leasing not fit into your business model?
The Equipment Finance Agreement(EFA/Loan) may offer the solution you need.

With the EFA, you will own the equipment from the start. Aztec Financial will only take a security interest in the equipment.

Many of the same benefits that are available on leases are available with the Loans(EFAs), including:

*Contracts originating after 6/1/2011

  • Does not report to personal credit – When financing with Aztec, we do not report to your personal credits.
  • Our money VS your money – Using our money allows you to keep your personal cash and borrowing ability available for items that do not qualify for equipment financing (chemicals, training classes, advertising, etc…).
  • Fast – Aztec is able to offer a loan(EFA) approval and funding in days (or hours) instead of weeks (or months)
  • No balloon payments – The payments are amortized so that no balloon payment will be due at the end of the contract while still offering affordable monthly payments.
  • Protecting personal assets – Aztec does not file blanket liens on your personal or business assets. Typically, the equipment is the only collateral..

Aztec Makes It Better

When you finance with Aztec, you have access to our complete range of support programs, not available with any other financing company, these include:

Still not sure what financing type is right for you? Contact one of our Account Managers at 800-644-9537.

*As of June 1st, 2011

FLEX Leasing with Aztec Financial

The reasons for this include:

  • Does not tie up cash flow – This frees up your cash flow to cover other expenses for your business.
  • Does not report to personal credit – Leases with Aztec Financial do not report to your personal credit. This means that your credit is protected and available for your personal needs.
  • Tax Write-Offs – By structuring your lease as an operating lease, you are typically able to write off your monthly payment as an operating expense.
  • Fast – Most applications submitted to Aztec can be approved in hours or less!
  • Less money upfront – Leases typically are structured to finance 100% of the equipment cost.
  • Off balance sheet – Operating leases will not show as a liability on your balance sheets.
  • Fixed payments – Lease payments are fixed through the life of the contract.
  • Less collateral – Leases typically take only the equipment as collateral. Most loans will place liens on all assets, inventory and receivables.

Aztec Financial Makes Financing Better

Historically, Aztec has the highest approval rate in the industry so you can bet that your approval will be unbeatable. All of our lease programs were designed specifically for the carpet cleaning and restoration industry. When you lease with Aztec Financial, you have access to our complete range of support programs, not available with any other financing company, these include:

Still not sure what financing type is right for you? Contact one of our Account Managers at 800-644-9537.

Fine Print Gotchas!

Master Contract

The Master Contract program through Aztec was designed so that you and your business are ready for whatever may come. Whether you have multiple equipment purchases planned or you just want the peace of mind in knowing that you have funds available for unexpected purchases. There is not cost or obligation to start a Master Contract.

With the Master Contract program, you are approved for a specific amount of money that is at your disposal to draw from at any time (over a 6 month period) for equipment or vehicle purchases.

Example: If you are pre-qualified for $50,000 and you use $5,000 today, then for the next 6 months you have the remaining $45,000 available to use anytime you have an equipment or vehicle need!

You can choose to sign all of your documents at the time of the Master Contract Approval, or you can choose to sign at the time of your first draw. Once those documents are on file, there are less documents needed on future draws.

Once approved and you are in need of equipment, go to your local Aztec Supply affiliate, choose the equipment you need and call us at 800-644-9537. We will fax or E-mail you a minimum of 1 page to sign. You pay your initial payment to the affiliate (as low as $150) take your equipment and go.

Are you ready to get your approval in place today?

Please call for a list of authorized dealers in your area. If the dealer you want to purchase from is not currently on our authorized list, we will contact them and start the authorization process.


You may also contact one of our Account Managers at 800-644-9537.

Master Contract is most frequently used in conjunction with our Pre-Qualify Program.