When you’re ready to upgrade your fleet vehicles, there are a lot of different factors to consider. What type of vehicle is best for your business? What features are you looking for? What upgrades will you need to make that will make your business more efficient? This can seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t need to be with Aztec Financial. As a one-stop-shop, we can help you find the right vehicle and upfits in one place. Whether standard or custom upfits are right for you depends on your industry and what you’re looking for. Let’s take a look at fleet upfitting and what option is right for your business.

Standard Vehicle Upfits

Standard builds uphold the same specific parameters for each and every vehicle. This means there’s less room for customization, but there is also a slew of benefits that can’t be found with custom upfits. In general, standard builds are cheaper, more versatile, and retain their market value significantly better than their custom counterparts. At Aztec Financial, we offer a variety of vehicles that come with standard features that could work perfectly for a variety of businesses. Our options include:

If you simply need standard features, these are excellent options and offer something for everyone. If you need something a little extra, we offer packages that include a few upfits perfect for any industry.

There are many options for standard upfits, and they all are great additions to any business.

Line of vehicle upfits

Custom Upfits

If you need a little more customization for your new fleet vehicle, custom upfitting is for you. This simply means that you can add accessories and additions to your vehicles that are relevant and helpful to your business. So, what kind of customizations can you make with Aztec Financial?

Bulkhead Partitions

Prevent potential injury during an auto accident with bulkhead partitions. These create a barrier that is helpful in the event of an accident. In addition, bulkheads also reduce noise levels in the cabin.

Ceramic Coating

This state-of-the-art addition keeps your vehicle looking new for longer. Ceramic coating seals off the surface of your vehicle for up to five years and keeps your fleet vehicles looking fresh.

Exterior Lighting

If you find yourself working late hours, exterior lighting can make all the difference. Bring your own light with these mounted LED floodlights.


Keep your equipment working properly and prevent freezing with additional heaters. Make your work environment more comfortable with the right heater.

Hooks, Straps, & Accessories

These accessories keep your equipment and supplies organized in one place. With a variety of options, you’ll be sure to find the right solution for your vehicle.

Interior Lighting

Find your equipment with ease and brighten the interior with interior lighting. These include LED light strips that are ceiling mounted and powered by the vehicle.

Ladder Racks

Make space inside your vehicle with roof-mounted ladder racks. Prevent heavy lifting, as well as scratches on the vehicle with built-in hydraulics.

Mobile Office & Power Inverters

Take your office on-the-go with a mobile office. You’ll have access to clean, usable electricity throughout the day with a pure sine inverter.

Poly Flooring

This poly flooring protects your vehicle’s floor and keeps it looking like new. Easily slide equipment and prevent dents with this addition.


A simple addition that makes all the difference, ramps make loading and unloading heavy equipment easier than ever.


Tough, rattle-free, and foldable shelving keeps your vehicle organized and makes jobs easier. These shelves are built from aluminum for ultimate durability.

Spray Liners

Durable and water-resistant, spray liners are a great addition for any business. Extend the life of your vehicle’s interior with this upfit option.

Storage Cabinets

Keep your valuables safe and secure with storage cabinets. These are lockable to provide peace of mind.

Wall & Ceiling Liners

If you already protect the floors of your vehicles, it’s time to protect the rest of it with wall and ceiling liners. Prevent scratches and other damage with these protective liners.

Wraps & Graphics

Promote your business wherever you go with wraps and graphics. Complete your vehicle with this branding opportunity. With so many options, a custom upfit can be designed perfectly for you.

Fleet Upfitting With Every Business In Mind

Fleet upfitting for every business Whether you need to add multiple additions or you want the bare minimum, we have a solution for everyone. Through Aztec Financial’s fleet sales division, you can get what you want from the very beginning. We are proud to offer custom upfits with delivery. All you have to do is order your vehicle with the features and additions you require, and everything will be installed and ready together. With our free delivery, your vehicle will be driven right to your front door. So, are you wondering where to start? Ordering your standard or custom upfitted vehicle is as simple as getting in contact with one of our fleet sales specialists. They’ll find the right vehicle and upgrades for you, as well as the right financing options. With a competitive service agreement and warranty, we have everything you could need in one place. At Aztec Financial, we’ll help you find the perfect upfit options. Get in touch with us today and let’s get started with your fleet upfitting!