Spring is finally here! The sun is shining, the clouds are sparse, and the temperature is heating up at last. With the change of weather comes spring cleaning. The wintertime is notoriously harsh when it comes to floors and carpets especially. With wet, snowy boots coming in and out of homes all winter long, spring is the time when homeowners are ready to have their carpets cleaned and the house looking pristine again. If you own a carpet cleaning business, you know this is why April is a booming month for carpet cleaning. Are you ready for the busy months ahead as the weather continues improving? At Aztec Financial, we’re here to help you with carpet cleaning financing. We understand when you need commercial carpet cleaning equipment, you need it fast. So, if you’re wondering what your carpet cleaning financing options are, Aztec is here to break it down.

Getting Familiar with Carpet Cleaning Financing

With over 20 years of experience, we know how to provide you with the best rates for commercial carpet cleaning equipment. In addition to competitive rates, Aztec Financial also provides carpet cleaning financing options that make purchasing your equipment easier than ever. We understand the various types of carpet cleaning equipment, business models, vehicles that work, and seasonality of the industry. So, we provide flexible and reasonable terms for every loan. You may be wondering where to start. Here’s a quick breakdown of the financing process:

Step One: Request a Quote

The first step in receiving financing for carpet cleaning equipment is simply requesting a quote. One of our knowledgeable finance specialists will provide you with step-by-step instructions on the entire process right from the beginning. You can easily submit an application online or give one of our specialists a call directly.

Step Two: Look at Your Options

Once you’ve submitted your initial application, your assigned account manager will work with you to determine which financing option is best for your business. We then build a finance package based on the terms that you determine are ideal for your company. Aztec Financial understands that each business is unique, so we only build custom financial agreements. This allows you peace of mind knowing that you’re getting a plan just for you.

Step Three: Get Your Carpet Cleaning Equipment

The final step comes after you review and sign your finance contract. Once you’re satisfied with the terms, you simply sign and then get your equipment. We ensure that you’re happy with your purchase, and then release the funds to the vendor. The process is easy and streamlined to get you your equipment in a timely manner and to give you the best finance terms possible.

Customize Your Carpet Cleaning Financing Options

Aztec Financial offers benefits with all of our equipment financing options. We understand the ups and downs of the industries we serve, and we structure our financing plans to help with that. When you customize your carpet cleaning financing plan, you can be eligible for these benefits and our financial specialists will help you determine which one is best for you.

Skip a Payment

Yes, you read that right. At Aztec Financial, we allow our borrowers to skip one payment per year, every year. We structure our plans to account for this, so you won’t get behind schedule. The best part is if you choose not to use your skip, it rolls over to the following year. On the other hand, if you never use your skips, you will pay off your commercial carpet cleaning equipment early. With the skip a payment option, financing your equipment is easy.

Low Upfront Costs

We don’t require a lot of money upfront so you can get your equipment as soon as you need it. When you finance with Aztec, you pay as little as the document cost in the very beginning. After 30 days, you will start making regular monthly payments. This is helpful when you need equipment now and we understand how urgent the situation can be. So, let us help out with competitively low upfront costs.

Start With Small Payments

Along with the low upfront costs, we want to ease you into your new financing schedule. That’s why you only pay $99 for your first three to six payments. After your grace period ends, your payments convert back to the full monthly price. With these competitive payments, it’s difficult to find a better financing option.

We Offer Seasonal Payments

Since we’ve spent a lot of time in the industry, we understand the ebb and flow of certain businesses. While April may be extremely busy for carpet cleaning, you may see a decline in the colder months. If that’s the case, Aztec has you covered. When your business is in the slow season, we offer three months of lower payments. Not only do you pay less, but these months do not need to be consecutive. So, if you find you have an unexpected slow month in the middle of the busy season, you can reduce your payment for the time being to keep your business running properly.

Carpet Cleaning Financing is Simple with Aztec Financial

With such easy financing, why haven’t you upgraded your equipment for the busy season? Spring is here which means it’s time to clean carpets! With our many carpet cleaning financing options, getting new equipment is a breeze with Aztec Financial. As you begin the busy season of carpet cleaning, upgrade your equipment by contacting our helpful, knowledgeable financing specialists. We treat every business as unique, so you know the plan you’re getting is the right one for you. Take advantage of our flexible financing options today and get your new carpet cleaning equipment. Call us today and we’ll find the right option for your business!