Bouchard Cleaning & Restoration is a DKI member and has proudly served the central Maine region 30 years! Norman Bouchard and his daughters host and participate in a number of events that help support a greater community. They are also the founders of Fire Forward, which is an initiative to help families who have been affected by fire in their homes. They created this program in 2015 and have already helped over a dozen families with over $7,000.00 in donations.

Norm Bouchard has been a customer of Aztec Financial since 2013. Every business owner can understand the ups and downs that comes with running a business. Aztec financial has been there to help through all of it.

When asked what he likes about Aztec his response is simple “You guys have just been great”.

He has done 7 different finance contracts over the years and appreciates the customer service. He even calls just to say hello to his primary Account Manager, Hawley.

He has financed vehicles, restoration equipment and extraction units. Norm knows that when he has a need, he can rely on Aztec.

Norm and his family are great people with a huge amount of compassion. If you are located in the Northeastern region and are in an unfortunate event requiring restoration work, contact Bouchard Cleaning and Restoration. And if you are looking for a great charity to donate to, look into Fire Forward !