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HVAC Equipment Financing

If you’re starting a new business or looking to expand your carpet cleaning business, Aztec Financial is here to help you with any and all HVAC equipment financing. With a team of industry specialists, we can find you the right financing options for your business. Learn more about your HVAC cleaning equipment financing options!

Step-by-Step HVAC Cleaning Equipment Financing

With Aztec Financial, financing your HVAC and air duct cleaning equipment is easier than ever. Our simple step-by-step instructions walk you through the entire process. Speak to an experienced finance specialist to build your custom financing package.

Get Your Quote

Find a quote for your business by submitting an application online or calling us directly 800-644-9537.

See Your Options

Once you have a quote, our account managers will work with you to find the best air duct equipment financing package for your company. Since every business is unique, we customize every financing plan.

Receive Your Equipment

The last step is signing the financial contract and receiving your equipment. Once we have confirmed that you’re satisfied with your purchase, we will send your funds to the vendor.

Air Duct Equipment Financing With Aztec Financial

With many years of experience helping HVAC companies fund their equipment, we know how to help you find the best financing. Through our understanding of the types of equipment, vehicles, and seasonality of the industry, Aztec is able to provide the most competitive and flexible terms for your HVAC cleaning equipment financing.

Customized HVAC Equipment Financing

Every financing package from Aztec Financial includes benefits and options to make your loan repayment easier. No matter what kind of business you have, we can find the right financing plan for you.

Skip a Payment

With our HVAC equipment financing plans, you are eligible to skip one payment per year. If you don’t use your optional skip, it rolls over to the following year. If you never use your optional skips, you will pay off your equipment early.

Low Payments to Start

With our flexible financing options, you only pay $99 for your first 3 or 6 payments. Once your time is up, it converts back to the regular, full monthly price.

Affordable Costs Upfront

When you receive your HVAC cleaning equipment, you will pay as little as the document cost! Regular monthly payments start back in 30 days.

Seasonal Payments

If your business has a busy season and a slow season, this option allows you to choose 3 months each year to pay a lower monthly payment. These payments don’t need to be consecutive and it can be any 3 months you choose.

Wondering what other options we have available? Call us today and we’ll help you out!

Why Pick Aztec Financial for Your Air Duct Equipment Financing?


  • Supports All Major Manufacturers
  • Built on Repeat Business
  • Dedicated Support Teams


  • Trade-In Options
  • Tax Efficient Structures
  • Preserve Cash Flow


  • Over 20 Years of Experience
  • Flexible Financing
  • Industry Experts

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