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Our Story

At Aztec Financial, we believe in helping your business grow as much as our own company has. Learn more about Aztec!

How It All Began

Aztec Financial was founded in 1997 by the owners of Bridgewater Companies, the Hanks brothers, and its CFO, John Sirrine. As one of the leading manufacturers and marketers of carpet cleaning chemicals, machines, and accessories, the founders determined that there was a need for stable financing options in the cleaning and restoration industries. The founders of Aztec Financial discovered that customers were often unable to purchase the expensive equipment that was necessary to grow their businesses. This was due to the fact that traditional financing opportunities were difficult to find since carpet cleaning and other floor care services were such a niche industry. With the desire to assist customers to grow their business, Bridgewater developed its own finance company – Aztec Financial.

How We’ve Grown

In the beginning, Aztec Financial was only financing for Bridgewater products. However, as the industry demand grew, so did demand for industry-specific financing. Aztec then branched out to offer financing for all carpet cleaning equipment distributors. Soon after, Bridgewater product lines expanded beyond carpet cleaning, joining the Aramsco Family of Companies, and servicing additional industries including flood and fire restoration, abatement, stone fabrication, janitorial/sanitation and surface preparation.. Aztec Financial followed suit and expanded into those areas as well. This expansion provided specialty contractors with the commercial financing options they needed to also grow across multiple industries.

In 2007, Aztec Financial identified another need in the specialty contracting industry. We found that business owners needed vehicles to haul their equipment. With the buying power as a commercial financial company, Aztec was able to purchase a large number of box trucks and cargo vans at fleet discount pricing, and then pass the savings along to specialty contracts. This resulted in the creation of Aztec Fleet Sales, which connected the carpet cleaning, restoration, and surface preparation industry with great vehicles at commercial prices.

In 2018, Aztec Fleet Sales expanded to include specialty upfitting options which include shelving, wraps, spray liner, and more. These upfits and wraps are completed immediately at the Aztec Fleet Distribution Center, which saves business owners time and money on installation. Combined with free driven delivery to anywhere in the lower 48 states, this expansion meant a business could purchase their vehicle fully wrapped and upfitted, finance both the vehicle and equipment in one place, and have the ready-to-go cargo van, box truck, or truck delivered right to their door. Since the very beginning, our desire for growth has driven our company forward and we are proud to continue offering exceptional customer service every step of the way.

Who We Are

Currently, our senior team consists of

  • John Sirrine, President and Founder
  • Mary Griser, Business Development
  • Debbie Doss, Finance Sales Manager
  • Joe Shearer, Fleet Sales Manager

We have many knowledgeable industry experts as part of our team here at Aztec Financial. Our account managers are trained in each industry we offer financing for and have designated distributors and vendors assigned based on industry, location, and relationships with the community. Our company has a strong emphasis on assisting both owners and the distributors who serve them. Our goal is to build long-lasting relationships that create successful, long-term businesses. We are proud to be certified A+ by the BBB and continue to provide top-notch customer service while helping your business grow.

How We Help Others

As Aztec continues to grow, we want the companies we work with to grow as well. We help specialty contractors grow their business by giving them access to affordable leasing and loan options, with lower business financing costs than most banks and lenders can offer. Our familiarity with the equipment and business models means that we can take more measured financing risks and pass those savings onto our customers.

We also help distributors and vendors grow their business by partnering with them to provide financing options for their customers. Unlike other financial companies, Aztec does not charge any vendor fees when a customer finances through us. Our goal is to increase repeat business for that specific vendor, freeing up their customer’s checkbooks for ongoing purchases like chemicals and consumables, rather than forcing the customer to spend all of their money on a large equipment purchase. We are proud to work with all major manufacturers such as:

Aztec Financial enjoys working with a variety of companies, vendors, and distributors to bring our customers the best equipment and financing options.

Where We’re Going

At Aztec Financial, we are always looking for new industries that can benefit from industry-specific financing. Right now, we are excited to continue expanding into the pressure washing and bin cleaning industries, as well as industrial welding equipment and janitorial equipment. Although we’ve been in business for over 20 years, we are always looking to grow, learn, and offer the best service possible. For flexible financing in the specialty contracting industry, look no further than Aztec Financial!

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