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Equipment Credit Line Program

Prepare for future equipment financing needs with an Equipment Line of Credit. Get the flexibility you need to respond to business growth opportunities and secure financing before you begin shopping.

The Equipment Credit Line Program

“The best time to ask for money is when you don’t need it.” The old saying goes. This is particularly true when financing equipment. When the demand for equipment is high, business owners need the flexibility and security to purchase equipment without a long wait. 

With our Equipment Credit Line Program, do just that. Get approved for an Equipment Credit Line before you buy and give yourself the peace of mind that comes with knowing the money is there when you need it.


Fixed draw structures

Tax efficient financing options

Lease pre-qualification

Fast, easy access to capital

Can be renewed annually

There when you need it

How it works

Equipment Credit Line Program

Request An ECLP

Submit an application online or by calling 800-644-9537.

Discuss Future Financing Needs

Our experienced account managers will work with you to determine how big or small of an ECLP you need. Review and sign your Equipment Credit Line agreement.

Draw When You Need Equipment

Whenever you need to draw from the Equipment Credit Line, simply contact us and request a withdrawal. Financing can be approved quickly, with little to no additional paperwork.

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