Having the right vehicle can save you a lot of time at work – and we know that time is money. So,
building a fleet is an important part of any business’s success. But which of those many vehicles is the
best for you? We know that the large selection, as well as the many up-fitting options, can sometimes
make decisions complicated. At Aztec Financial, we don’t only help you navigate through the jungle of
choices, but also, want to give you an overview of the options you have. Therefore, we have collected
the key benefits of the most common work vehicles, and information about up-fitting options in this
article for you.

The Core of Your Fleet: The Vehicle

Cargo Vans:

Cargo Vans are extremely useful for businesses of all sizes. As the name suggests, cargo vans are all about your storage. They come in different sizes so that you can choose the one with the best-suited storage capability for your business. But cargo vans don’t only give you lots of space, with the right upfits they allow you to organize your cargo, which is paramount. Since they are enclosed, your cargo and equipment will always be secured against any dangers from the outside. Sun or water damage can become a big problem for your tools, not to mention possible thefts. Besides, cargo vans can be much easier to maneuver around in bigger cities than heavy-duty trucks and since they can be custom branded you can promote your business while driving around. Some very common cargo vans are the RAM ProMaster, the Chevy Express, and the Ford Transit, you’ll find all of them at Aztec Financial.

Box Trucks:

Do you need more loading space than a cargo van offers? Then box trucks are a great all-in-one hauling solution for you. By combining an enclosed trailer with a cabin truck, the complicated towing of an additional trailer becomes a thing of the past. Therefore, it’s not only easier to maneuver around, but box trucks also fit neatly into city streets. Just like a cargo van, your cargo will be saved in a box truck which enables reliable transportation of all kinds of goods. At Aztec Financial we’ll provide you with different box options such as Morgan, Bay bridge, and Superior box trucks in sized ranging from 12’ to 20’. Depending on that you can choose between RAM and Chevy chassis options in 3500, 4500, and 5500 models. 

Pickup Trucks:

Pickups are considered THE classic work trucks. Because of the open, big cargo space, many pieces can be transported, whether they are heavy or long. A great plus is also that it is very easy and therefore fast to load and unload anything you’re hauling. Depending on what your business needs to haul, you’ll find several options for the bed sizes. Need to tow something heavy? Every part of a pickup truck, including its wheels, axles, etc. contributes to the overall strength, so you can tow heavy things, such as a trailer or heavy equipment easily. Because they are so large, heavy, and have high ground clearance, they can also handle any kind of terrain. That means, if you’re working in any off road area, such as a disaster-hit region, pickup trucks are a great choice for you. The high ground clearance also gives you elevated visibility of your surroundings which makes driving more convenient.


Questions to Ask When Looking for the Right Vehicle


Box trucks, pickups, and vans are all good choices if you need to haul cargo. Nevertheless, we know now how they differ from each other. With that in mind, as a first step you can ask yourself these questions:

How much space will you need for the cargo you want to transport?

• How heavy and tall will the cargo be?

• On which terrain will you be driving?

• Do you only need to haul cargo or also want to tow heavy things?

• Do you need special up-fits? With which vehicle are they compatible? 

The last question probably needs some more consideration, and we recommend discussing your up-fits more in detail with one of our Account Managers, so you’ll find what you need together. But still, it will help you to have a brief overview of the options you have. So, let’s have a closer look at them. 

Let Your Vehicle Work for You with Packages

Knowing which vehicle to choose for your business is the first important step, but having it equipped right is at least as important for your workflow. Depending on the industry your business is operating in some needed aspects of a vehicle are the same. Therefore, vehicle packages are a great solution to save a lot of time. At Aztec Financial we offer different specialty up-fitted vehicle packages designed for industry-specific demands:


1 st Responder Package:

Everything about our 1 st Responder Package is designed with flood and fire responders in mind. That means it’s providing the vehicle with maximum equipment storage space while having many practical features which include:


• A light folding ramp with wheels that can be rolled out with only one hand.

• Cabin lightning as well as outside flood lights.

• A ladder rack that can easily be brought up and down.

• Shelves, hooks, and lockers.

• A mobile laptop desk, available in the two- and three-seater van.

• Protective wall and ceiling liner.

• And much more beneficial details.  


With the 1st Responder Package, larger jobs can be done, also those in natural disaster areas. The Package is available in a RAM ProMaster 2500 or 3500 model.

Restoration Pro Package: 

For those larger restoration jobs, we have built the Restoration Pro Package. The most important thingabout this package is that it provides you with enough organizational tools while still offering the space you need for your restoration equipment. Available in a 1500, 2500, and 3500 ProMaster Van, up to 36 air movers and five dehumidifiers as well as tear-out, and installation materials will have room here. The rest of the package includes:

100% Poly Flooring to protect your vehicle and facilitate (un)loading.

• Folding shelves

• Specifically designed E-tracking and D-rings to secure your load.

• A waffle board wall liner kit to avoid any dimples from falling tools inside.

• Aluminum storage lockers • Movable hooks

• Bottle holder


Premium Shelving Package:

The Premium Shelving Package is designed with all industries in mind. It comes in a RAM ProMaster 1500,2500, or 3500 and includes a spray lined floor, custom-built fold-away shelving, and a contoured bulkhead partition. That makes the interior of your van water-resistant and keeps your equipment organized while it stays flexible for tear-out and installation jobs.


Transform Your Vehicle with Up-fits and Wraps


These vehicle packages are a good basis on which to build your fleet. Nevertheless, businesses have unique requirements, so it is great to have the option of customized up-fits. One might need more ladder racks, as the other has more tools to organize and therefore needs more shelves. Or maybe you want to customize your whole vehicle without any vehicle package? Having all these options will allow you to get the best out of your fleet. As a one-stop-shop Aztec Financial is a great partner with dedicated Account Managers who will help you with all the up-fitting options, so you can save lots of time and money. To make even more out of your business we provide you with a graphic design team and will install the wraps before the delivery.



How Fleet Vehicle Financing Becomes Easy with Aztec


Juggling the steps of creating a fleet is a thing of the past with Aztec Financial. Our one-stop-shop solutions save you time, money, and effort, which lets you focus on the important things, such as growing your business. Purchase everything under one roof – from the vehicle to up-fits, to wraps, and graphics. That makes the whole process easier than ever before. With our service, businesses also benefit from trade-in options, and tax-efficient structures as well as preserving cash flow. With over 15 years of experience in fleet sales, our Account Managers will assist you through the whole process, from the first step to the vehicle’s delivery right at your door.


Contact us at sales@aztecfinancial.com or

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