When technicians are out in the field servicing customers, their box truck or cargo van serves as their home base. Your HVAC vehicle stores all the tools and supplies the team needs, but it still needs to be kept organized and tidy to keep them efficient and ready for the next job. Outlined are a few tips to complement your HVAC setup so that you can continue to keep your work van optimize when you go on service calls.

Get Upfits and Customization For Your Work Truck

Why You Should Organize Your Service Van

Investing time, effort, and upgrades to your service van brings you and your business several benefits.

  • Increase your productivity by wasting less time looking for things.
  • Protect your equipment from travel related damage or excessive wear.
  • Improve safety.
  • Better track inventory.
  • Make a more professional impression on customers.

How to Setup Your HVAC Vehicle

If you haven’t already prepared an inventory of your tools, equipment, and supplies, now would be a good time to do so. Identify the seasonal items that might be stored elsewhere during the off-season.

When setting up your service vehicle, do what makes sense for you and your workflows. But some things you should consider include the following key areas and HVAC work van storage ideas:

Interior Lighting

Searching for items in a poorly lit van is time-consuming and frustrating. Interior lighting allows you to find what you need on overcast days, during evening service calls, and in early mornings. Install overhead dome lamps and additional lighting, such as touch lights in especially dark areas.

Light Up Your Van


Shelves are essential to effective, efficient van storage systems. Shelving along the interior walls creates designated spaces for storing and securely fastening items such as pipes and spools of wire. In addition to improved organization and tidiness, shelves’ use of vertical space makes it easier to move through your van without tripping over objects or straining over stacks of crates.

We offer box truck shelving plans, custom shelving, and pre-designed modules specifically made for HVAC equipment.

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A bulkhead or separating partition reinforces the security of your cargo space, keeping drivers and passengers safe from things shifting and interfering with safe operation of the vehicle.

Learn More About Partitions


An uncluttered interior workspace allows you space for light machining or fabrication, rain or shine. Include additional power options, like a power inverter, so you will not need to search for electricity on-site at a job.


Be sure to secure your van and lock down expensive tools with appropriate security measures. For extra security, you can add deadbolts with key fob access to your shelving.

Placement of Frequently Used Items

Consider the items typically required during a service call. Keep things used regularly near the doors for easier access. Hang your tool belt within easy reach, along with equipment needed to get started on most jobs. If your service van includes both side and rear doors, store heavier equipment near the rear doors, with smaller tools and parts accessible from the side doors.

Storage Options

  • Small odds and ends: Include designated areas for little pieces and parts. You can use enclosed, secure drawers to keep small fittings and such organized and easy to access.
  • Peg boards: Add pegboards with movable hooks for hanging medium-sized items, like hand tools, power tools, or spools.
  • Ladder racks: Storing your ladder on the outside of the vehicle leads to messy visits during inclement weather. Instead use an interior ladder storage rack, if space allows.
  • Specific storage racks: Racks designed to store specific HVAC equipment, such as tanks or filters, are recommended to help organize your service van.

Get Customized Storage Cabinets


Maximize your storage space by making use of the areas on the backs of the doors. Install magnetized stripping to hold metal hand tools like hammers or tape measures. Hang fabric or plastic closet organizers with pockets to store small, lightweight items.


Buy a label maker and use it often. Label compartments, drawers, storage bins, and shelving areas with their contents so you don’t need to search several locations to find a specific item.

Knee Padding

Install padded floor mats around the doors so when you are leaning in to grab something you don’t need to kneel on a hard surface.

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Your HVAC setup will require the investment of time and effort, as well as funding. Aztec Financial’s team of industry specialists is here to help you put together your customized HVAC van. Build your custom van and learn about how you can build your custom financing packing with Aztec Financial today.

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