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Mobile Office

Take your office with you on the road. Secure your laptop, plug it in, and keep track of everything you need on the go.

Mobile Office

With our Mobile Office package, you can take your office on the job with you. A pure sine inverter rests beneath the passenger seat, giving you access to clean, usable electricity throughout the day. A laptop desk, complete with clamps to prevent the laptop from sliding, occupies the center area. Combined, this gives you access to a computer station, cell phone charging station, and power outlets that last all day.

Delivered and Ready to Go

Upfits are available for install on all Aztec Fleet Sales vehicles, and can be installed at our Fleet Distribution Center at the time of purchase. This includes wraps, graphics, and ceramic coatings. Free driven delivery to anywhere in the continental US is included in the purchase of all Aztec Fleet Vehicles.

If you would like to purchase an upfit and install it outside of the Fleet Distribution Center, please contact us using the form below and we will be happy to take your order. Shipping costs may apply.